Coaching is the key to success

Employment Psychology

Is your work or job

  • creating stress
  • making you feel depressed
  • affecting your relationships
  • making you lose perspective
  • causing anxiety
  • overwhelming you
  • impacting on the quality of your life

There may be reasons why you are feeling this way

  • conflict with colleagues
  • unrealistic work demands
  • difficult manager
  • unfair treatment
  • uncertain job security

If work is causing this situation or these feelings are impacting on your ability to work as you would like, then make the next step the first to regain control of your life.

How it works

The approach we take is pragmatic and solution focussed.

We will develop a program that is tailored to your needs, circumstances, personality, and goals. Through this we will focus on behaviour change to develop skills that will build resilience, confidence, and generally get things back on track.

Medicare and Health Insurance

With a referral from your doctor, (GP), you are eligible to claim a Medicare rebate for up to 12 sessions per year.

You may not need a doctor’s referral to claim private health fund benefits, however benefits and level of cover differ among providers so it is recommended that you check with your health fund.


We recognise that you may have a busy work schedule, and so we are able to offer appointments after hours or on Saturday mornings

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Work issues can seriously impinge not only on your work performance, but on the quality of your life.

With the support of a psychologist, you can learn and develop effective strategies and behaviours to:

  • manage occupational stress
  • manage conflict
  • conquer fears
  • deal with anxiety
  • manage work / life balance
  • cope with difficult situations