Coaching is the key to success

Executive Profile

To achieve acumen, you will be working with Darsha Masin, a qualified practitioner who not only has an extensive background in helping managers make significant improvements in both their careers and personal lives, but with over 20 years direct business experience, gained locally and overseas, she understands the challenges that executives face, having been one herself.

In her past roles in Human Resources, she represented her company as a guest speaker at various conferences to share her activities and experiences in the field. Her projects and programs have won global company awards, and she was instrumental in ensuring that her company was represented in the 2002 publication of The Best Companies To Work For In Australia.

Darsha is a Registered Psychologist with a Master’s Degree in Labour Law and Relations, and coaching qualifications from the University of Sydney, where she is now a member of the Coaching and Mentoring Association. These qualifications are supplemented with hands-on experience and career successes in various forms of people development,  particularly organisational, manager and leadership.

Her experience has been gained through companies which include Sony, MMEM, Barclays Bank, ANZ, and Boston Bank.

But above all, Darsha has a genuine interest in helping people, and when combined with her qualifications and experience in business, she offers a powerful formula for success.


Darsha Masin BSc.,MA(Psych),MLLR
Director, Achieving Acumen.


“Darsha has great experience in Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing, and has worked with employees at all levels, from shopfloor to the boardroom, and across a variety of cultures. Darsha has shown at all levels that she has the ability to produce results, develop great teams and become the trusted advisor to top management”

Roy White, Vice President, Human Resources, Europe.

“Darsha made us aware of our talent, and prepared a systematic program to develop this talent further. For me, this program has essential meaning not only in professional life, but in private life as well. It helped me to understand myself better, and to use new techniques to become the leader that I want to be.”

Jozef Bodis, General Manager, Engineering.

“I highly appreciate Darsha’s support in ensuring that we succeeded in achieving our most challenging objectives. I will never forget working with her.”

Hajime Ushida, Managing Director.